DIY Gutter Cleaning Dangers

It is advisable to have your gutters cleaned often. The key to knowing the frequency of cleaning your gutters depends on the age of your house and its gutters. The older type which are totally open are particularly prone to collecting leaves. If there are big deciduous trees, it’s especially important to clear out debris often. Even if the new type of gutters have been installed with the grates over them, debris and small leaves still collect.

People often forget to clean out the downspouts. That’s a big mistake as water will just back up under roof tiles. It’s a messy job, that’s for sure. Those of you in the Los Angeles area should check your gutters every four months for signs of blockages, leaks and possible overflowing. If you live in an area with high rainfall, checking your gutters may need to be more often. As you check your gutters and track the need for cleaning after a season or two it will be pretty clear to you what your gutter cleaning frequency should be

Once you know when your gutters need attention, you may opt to do it yourself, or call a professional such as Larsen Window Cleaning. When you clean your gutters yourself, do note that there are some dangers attached to it:

1. Gutter cleaning inevitably involves ladders. Make sure that your ladder is stable and well maintained when you clean your gutters. According to the United Press Institute (UPI), there are 187,000 ladder-related injuries a year in the U.S. The most common injuries are a result of ladder instability, poor ladder maintenance, contact with electrical wiring, improper clothing and/or vertigo issues. Those with 2 story homes and above should refrain from DIY gutter cleaning and gutter installation projects. Call Larsen.2. Gutter cleaning requires you to go up and down the ladder several times to complete the task of cleaning your gutter. This causes fatigue and can increase the possibility of an accident.
3. Gutter cleaning requires you to bring several items up with you as you climb the ladder – such as a scoop and bucket, hose or other cleaning materials. Balancing these items while you are up the ladder is a dangerous task and may lead to an accident if you don’t balance yourself well.
4. Some gutters, such as aluminum rain gutters, have extremely sharp edges. You may get cut with these edges and these cuts may lead to infection.

With all these dangers, it is advisable that you call a gutter cleaning professional. The pros have the training and the right tools to get the job done for you without the danger and headache a DIY gutter cleaning project may entail.

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