Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a free estimate for one of your services?
You may call or email us your information and someone will contact you usually within 24 hours.

Some customers prefer an appointment and others do not. We can set up a time to meet with you personally to discuss your needs. During that time, we will walk your property together to discuss your need and concerns.

Others may not be able to meet with us personally so we discuss their needs and concerns over the phone. If there are no man eating dogs, we will stop by and walk your property. After viewing the property we will contact you with the price.

Do you remove water spots from windows?
Yes we can! In most cases water spots can be removed from windows. However, glass is a porous material and over time absorbs the water minerals into the glass. If the windows are continually hit by water sprinklers the glass can be permanently damaged if the problem is not resolved quickly.

How often should my windows or solar panels be cleaned?
The frequency of cleaning your windows or solar panels really depends on your budget, the area you live or where your business is located. When you contact us for a window cleaning estimate one of our professionals will discuss yours needs and give you a personal recommendation.

How often should my rain gutters be cleaned?

Your rain gutters should be cleaned in late summer before the rainy season begins and again in early winter after the trees have shed their leaves and fill your rain gutters. This also depends on where you live or your business is located.