Sometimes a gift has more value than may think

Do you know someone who is housebound? Maybe an older person who just doesn’t get out much? The gift of sparkling clean windows may bring far more joy than you imagine.

Someone at home experiences a monotony that can be broken with extended time at a window. In fact, out the side windows, it can be fun to wonder why the neighbor still has their TV antenna in this day of WIFI. One wonders if they know there are two balls stuck in their rain gutter. There is landscaping to be enjoyed and reimagined, trees and flowers to notice of for the first time, and watching the wildlife (meaning animals and people, too) can be very entertaining.

Out the front are neighbors walking their dogs, cars passing, the mailman coming with that card from the favorite niece studying in France for the semester.

Now … open the window and take in a deep breath. Everything viewed now becomes magnified. The outdoors has been brought in.

Windows are vital to the emotional well-being of a patient or an elderly person. Call Mark Larsen today to brighten someone’s home tomorrow.