Clean Windows

So you think your windows are clean?

Let’s try a little test. Stop reading this and go over to a window in your home that has light or sun pouring through it. Now, make an X with your finger on the glass. Walk outside and do the same thing. Surprised? If you live within a couple miles of a freeway or busy street, your windows have a film on them from car and bus exhaust and smog. If you have trees on or near your property, you have fine mold and dust from the leaves.

Another test is to notice how much dust is on one of your occasional tables in your living room or bedroom after just one week of not dusting. Well, some of that is clinging to your windows as well. You see, as moisture forms and dries on your windows, they become sticky and dust that’s flying around the room lands on the vertical surfaces much as it done the horizontal ones.

Don’t think dust floats around your room? Just watch when a stream of sunshine beams into a room. You can see all the particles that are in the air constantly. They land in many places including under furniture and even in open drawers and cabinets. And, they like window glass as well.

With weather cooling, you will be closing up those windows you’ve keep open all spring and summer. We know you did spring cleaning but it’s time to do fall cleaning now. Fall fog and winter weather won’t be nearly as gloomy if you can see outside. Time for gleaming glass!