Here are 7 tips to winterize your home

Yes, we have winters in Southern California. So, this is the time to take a moment and see if there’s anything on this list that would help save you money. You can save at least 20% on your energy bills by being proactive in these.

1. Trim any tree branches that may hover over your roof or power lines. We’ve had a warm summer and lots of growth over your roof is not good for the roof, for generating leaves in your gutters and for potential damage in high winds.

2. Get your chimney cleaned. Many people use their fireplaces in the fall and winter as friends and family gather. It’s a fair assumption that you’ve not used your hearth in many months so have it cleaned by a professional who can also check for leaks in your gas starter if you have one.

3. Check for leaks where cold air might come in. At night when it’s colder, go around to all you windows and doors to see if any need sealing with weather-stripping, caulk or spray foam. Check around light switches and plugs, too.

4. Change your furnace filter. Many forget to change their filter but it’s important for the unit to run efficiently. If you have pets, you should change it every 4 to 6 months. You might also upgrade your thermostat to a programmable one that helps save you money as well. Ever gone to work forgetting to turn the heater down or off?

5. Insulate your pipes and hot water heater. Pipes that run under your house need wrapping. It’s cold down there. And insulting your water heater allows you to turn down the temperature setting which will same you more money.

6. If your attic is not insulated, it’s a fairly easy job and will have noticeable results for you year-round. If you are not a DIY-er, any handyman can do the job for you.

7. Call us to clean your rain gutters and clean your windows. If there’s a deciduous tree near your house wait until it’s nearly done shedding but schedule a cleaning immediately after. If water can’t get down the downspouts, it will go up under your roof tiles. And, cleaning your windows will make winter much less dreary.

If you tend to the 7 tips above, you will save money, be warmer, and avoid costly repairs.