Ladder Safety

‘Tis the season for gutter cleaning again! One of the most important things you need to consider before cleaning your gutters on your own is ladder safety. Sure, ladders could be dangerous, but there are measures you can take ensure your safety.

Before even considering to clean your gutters yourself, the first thing you have to consider is that you have a ladder that is of sound quality. You don’t want to climb a ladder that doesn’t look sound. So make sure you have a ladder that is properly taken cared of to ensure your safety.

Then, you need to consider yourself and what you wear when using a ladder to clean your gutters. You should be mindful of your footwear. It is pretty obvious that footwear such as flip flops are unsafe when climbing a ladder. Wear the proper shoes, such as work boots or sneakers, and make sure that the laces are tied properly. You also need to consider is wearing a proper tool belt if you are working with tools. It is not advisable to carry tools with your hands when climbing a ladder.

Now for the ladder itself. The first thing you should do is get some ladder mitts.  Ladder mitts are a soft rubber mitt that fits on the top of the ladder.  They  protect the ladder from scratching the siding of a house and they grip to the surface they are leaning against and prevent the top of the ladder from sliding while climbing or working.  You can also purchase a ladder stabilizer if you wish.

You can also add adjustable leg extension to a ladder. These attach to the feet of the ladder and extend to about a foot.  The great thing about this type of device is that you are able to adjust one leg longer then the other which is great for uneven ground or working on stairs.

You should also know where to place your ladder. You want to make sure that the ground is as level as possible. You don’t want to position it on a slippery surface. Carrying the ladder upright is also the easiest way to transport it.

These are just a few tips to ensure your safety wen you clean your gutters, or maybe some tall windows. But, if you don’t have the time to do this yourself, we at Larsen Window Cleaning can do it for you at a very affordable price. Just give us a call at 626-303-3664.