Spring cleaning fever is afflicting everyone!

Warmer weather is on the way and our moods are lifting. Of course, we don’t have much in the way of winter here in the Los Angeles area but, still, there’s something cheerful and renewing about spring.

We have to laugh at all the articles posted on line for spring cleaning with very focused web site URLs like Idreamofclean, perfecthomemaking, maidperfect, ideaofclean, organizedhome, and that queen of all ideas and tips, Martha Stewart. Some of those folks make it sound like spring cleaning is a year round effort. In fact, one article suggests cleaning something really well once a day – “365 Clean” was the title. We are not that ambitious. We’ll confine our comments to the window areas.

We will come expertly wash your windows and sliding glass doors inside and out. You have your tasks, too. This is the time to wipe the window cranks and door handles really well. Baseboards under a window typically get more dirt. Cleaning the window sills inside and out is important to do frequently. Launder or dry clean curtains to get the years’ worth of dust and handling out. If there’s anyone in the house who smokes, drapes will need to be done more often. Cigarette smoke and aroma clings to everything. Take down window blinds and wash them, clean air vents and change the air/furnace filter. Replace batteries in your smoke detectors. Very important.

We’re going to assume you keep your house pretty clean with regular cleaning but this is the time to do a few things you typically don’t. Clean the shower curtain and liner, polish faucets, wash the trash cans. We could go on, and there are exhaustive spring cleaning lists on the Internet. We stopped when we read the bullet point “Remove rust from toilet seat screws.”

Just know that the huge job of cleaning your windows will be handled by us. We’ll leave that screw rust for you.