Would you buy a $35,000 car and never wash it? Solar panels need care, too.

With the recession receding for most people, homeowners are again looking for ways to invest in their property while lowering their expenses and carbon footprint. Business is booming at the solar installation providers. There are two kinds of panels; photovoltaic and solar. Solar panels only provide heat while photovoltaic panels provide power for many kinds of devices including lighting and air conditioning. But, they only work if they are clean.

We are big fans of do-it-yourselfers. Tackling chores and projects around the house can save money and be fun to do. But, cleaning glass panels on your roof is not a DIY task. Obviously, it’s dangerous. Many installations are on sloped surfaces. Cleaning panels while standing precariously on a ladder is foolhardy. Professionals have the equipment, the cleaning supplies, and the knowhow to protect a homeowner’s big investment.

While up there, we inspect and clean the panels, of course, but also the mounting brackets and supports. Cleaning off leaves, pollen and dust is complicated by bird droppings, a serious issue in many areas. A third of the efficiency is lost and the investment payback time is extended by three to five years if regular panel cleanings are not scheduled.

We use the finest biodegradable products and equipment that won’t scratch the panels. There should be from two to four professional cleanings a year. Would you wash your car any less frequently?

Homeowners expect their roof panels to last far longer than their car.