Check Your Gutters

The end of winter is just around the corner and it will soon be time for you to get your gutters cleaned.

When you can, you need to check your gutter for the following:

1) Leaks – You should check for leaks when there are there areas that are dripping down against the foundation of your house. You need to scrutinize joints and corners. Caulk can seal the joints and corners, which can lead to the deterioration of your gutter over time.

2) Overflowing – If water is accumulating in your gutters, then you need to call us at Larsen Window immediately. Water should flow freely in your gutters. If you see water overflowing anywhere in your gutter system, there is a blockage somewhere that needs to be removed.

3) Downspouts – If it’s raining and your downspouts aren’t releasing any water, there is blockage or leaking somewhere in your gutter system.

If you think there is anything wrong with your gutters, call us immediately 626-303-3664. We at Larsen Window will be ready to help you check and clean your gutters so you won’t need to do them yourself and go through all the hassle.