Window Cleaning Techniques and Homemade Solutions for Removing Hard Water Stains from Windows

Tough and dirty stains are the culprits in making your windows look not just unclean, but also old and dated. No one wants dirty looking windows in their homes, especially with the holidays approaching. You want your home to look perfect for the holidays, where you will have a steady stream of visitors.

Hard water stains are one of the toughest types of stains. Hard water has high mineral content. It contains calcium compounds, which are the reason why hard water stains are resistant to regular window cleaning techniques – such as wiping your windows with a cloth dipped in soap and water. Scraping it from the pane may damage your window not to mention it’s a lot of work.

There are some techniques and even homemade solutions you could do yourself to get rid of hard water stains. Some of these are:

1) Cleaning your windows on a regular basis. The sooner you clean off the hard water stains, the easier it is to have success. But if you wait too long, use cleaners especially made to battle calcium, lime and iron.  Those are the major components that cause stains when hard water comes into contact with your window.

2) Using a simple homemade solution made of cornstarch and water. Mixing cornstarch with lukewarm water is a good solution that can work on the stains. Just add the cornstarch to lukewarm water until the mixture becomes cloudy. With a clean cloth, apply the solution to the window, let it dry and then buff it off with a dry cloth.

3) Using distilled white vinegar mixed with water to treat your windows. The mixture is composed of 2 parts distilled vinegar mixed with 1 part water. The best way to apply this to your windows is to transfer your solution into a spray bottle and spray it on to your windows.

These are very simple techniques and solutions you can do at home to keep your windows spic and span.  But, if you don’t have the time, or if you find it too difficult to take out the stains on your windows, we at Larsen Window Cleaning, are here to help. We use state of the art equipment and we have over 20 years of experience in the industry, hence we will definitely get the job done – no matter how difficult it may seem. Call us at 626-303-3664 to ask for a quote or book an appointment now!