Summer Cleaning!

Its summer! Not to mention super hot.  While you enjoy a mint julep while reclining on your chaise, let us do all the hard work of cleaning your window sills and windows.  This arduous task is easy to put off…for a long time.  But that’s a bad idea.  Let’s be honest – it’s depressing to look out your smudgy windows.  But, keeping windows clean and in good working condition is important in maintaining property value.  But if you must be a DIY-er, here are some good cleaning tips:

Maintaining your windows and screens is easy. Follow these simple steps to clean your windows:

·         Start with water and a soft cloth. If something is difficult to get off the windows, use a mild detergent. Windex works well too.

·         Always brush screen lightly with a soft brush. Screens are flexible and can be bent easily.

·         Never use a power washer to clean residential windows.

·         Harsh chemicals, even soft scrub, are abrasive and can leave marks. Don’t use those items.

·         When cleaning swipe in one direction, horizontal or vertical. This will keep the streaks away!

Don’t have time to clean your windows? Call the professionals at Larsen Window. We’ll handle all your window cleaning needs! 626-303-3664