Solar Panel Cleaning

People say that an occassional rain will clean out your solar panels. But, here in California, it rarely rains so you do need a professional to have your solar panel cleaned.Industry reports say the lack of scheduled cleanings can cause solar panels to lose 15 – 25% of their efficiency and increase a solar cells pay back time by 3 – 5 years.There are some self=cleaning systems out there but they leave water deposits on solar panels that could lead to damage.

How often should you have your solar panels cleaned?  That depends on where you live—if there is a lot of construction in your area, if you live in a windy desert or if you have lots of particulates in your air you will probably need to clean more often. Some areas need a weekly washing, while other areas can get away with every other month. Keep an eye on your panels and when they look like they have a dusty film on them, you may need to call your solar panel cleaning professional.

Although it may be possible for you to clean your solar panels yourself, I highly suggest calling a professional, like us at Larsen. Getting on the roof when it’s all slippery from the washing that you do may not be worth the trouble.

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