Don’t just spring clean…garden too!

Need to spruce up your space? Add some succulents to the mix! Succulents have made a comeback this year which is good news for Southern Californians who have had unseasonably hot weather already.

These drought tolerant plants survive with little water and maintenance. They look great in pots or in the ground. Pinterest has some great ideas on how to use them in small spaces or with unique accents.

Spring cleaning is not just about cleaning but is also about refreshing your space. Call us for expert window cleaning!

Spring cleaning fever is afflicting everyone!

Warmer weather is on the way and our moods are lifting. Of course, we don’t have much in the way of winter here in the Los Angeles area but, still, there’s something cheerful and renewing about spring.

We have to laugh at all the articles posted on line for spring cleaning with very focused web site URLs like Idreamofclean, perfecthomemaking, maidperfect, ideaofclean, organizedhome, and that queen of all ideas and tips, Martha Stewart. Some of those folks make it sound like spring cleaning is a year round effort. In fact, one article suggests cleaning something really well once a day – “365 Clean” was the title. We are not that ambitious. We’ll confine our comments to the window areas.

We will come expertly wash your windows and sliding glass doors inside and out. You have your tasks, too. This is the time to wipe the window cranks and door handles really well. Baseboards under a window typically get more dirt. Cleaning the window sills inside and out is important to do frequently. Launder or dry clean curtains to get the years’ worth of dust and handling out. If there’s anyone in the house who smokes, drapes will need to be done more often. Cigarette smoke and aroma clings to everything. Take down window blinds and wash them, clean air vents and change the air/furnace filter. Replace batteries in your smoke detectors. Very important.

We’re going to assume you keep your house pretty clean with regular cleaning but this is the time to do a few things you typically don’t. Clean the shower curtain and liner, polish faucets, wash the trash cans. We could go on, and there are exhaustive spring cleaning lists on the Internet. We stopped when we read the bullet point “Remove rust from toilet seat screws.”

Just know that the huge job of cleaning your windows will be handled by us. We’ll leave that screw rust for you.

Taking that stained glass window for granted?

Glass first appeared around 3000 BC. It was used for decoration since, at that early stage, there were only bits and pebbles of it. Fast forward to 100 AD when the Romans discovered the technology to make clear glass panes. We were a determined species if not a bit slow. Based on remains found at Pompeii, stained glass was used by wealthy Romans in their villas and palaces in that first century. It was a residential luxury but began to be used in artistic ways 200 years later when churches throughout the continent started to crop up.

As churches increased, so did the production of decorative windows, though small in size in the 12th Century. Red, blue and clear were used to depict ornate designs. Artists emerged and were patronized while new Gothic architecture was specifically planned to highlight the sparkling works.

The history of glass has a rise-and-fall timeline like most enduring things. The political and religious unrest of the 16th and 17th centuries destroyed much of the beautiful glass in England and France. For about 200 years, glass fell out of favor and was supplanted by enamel work and frescoes in the Renaissance style buildings.

Interestingly, stained glass and glass arts did not return to production until the 19th century when in the 1800’s, and into the Victorian era, the use and artistic experimentation with it flourished.

One thing remained constant throughout the ages – the glass had to be cleaned to be appreciated.

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Online reviews are now all the rage. Facebook, Twitter, Angie’s List, Home Advisor and so many others give everyone the opportunity to bash or praise any business. At times, I’m sure there are some businesses that wish for the days that the internet did not exist…however, one must keep up with the times. So, if I’ve given you great service and you’re happy with my work, will you go and post a review on these various sites? Thank you.

In the meantime, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Summer Weather in March

The sun is back…and in full force!

It is almost as if we never had rain and with 85 degree weather like this, the shades should be open and the windows clear and sparkling. For those of you complaining that the windows aren’t clean, call us now. We have appointments available. For a quick touch-up so you can enjoy the sunshine now, remember that cleaning with newspaper is really the best way to get streak free shine. Windex or even water and a little soap will also do the trick.

For the best window cleaning in the San Gabriel Valley, call us at Larsen Window Cleaning. Free estimates and quality work at affordable prices.

Unique windows…no problem!

Living and working in the San Gabriel Valley, we’ve come across some beautiful homes with fabulous windows that deserve TLC when cleaning. Cleaning delicate windows, stained glass, and other large windows can at times be difficult. However, we have the equipment, skill and materials to keep those windows sparkling like new. Our staff are trained specifically for these types of windows and understand the unique nature in how to clean them. So, don’t hesitate with those beautiful windows…call us today! 626-303-3664

Rain, rain, don’t go away!

Many of us in Southern California don’t mind the rain…especially, with the current drought we are in. And, I can’t tell you how many calls we get right before a “big storm” is suppose to hit the area for gutter cleaning…an imperative job that maintains the quality of your house. Gutter cleaning should be done twice a year to maintain the life of the gutters. Many of our clients are on an automatic cleaning schedule so that they don’t have to hassle with this and go into a panic when an impending storm is on the horizon.

Call us at Larsen Window Cleaning today to set up your gutter cleaning!

Hire a professional when it comes to exterior window cleaning!

Consider value and safety. Whether you have a two story or one story house, or even your business, hiring the professional staff at Larsen Window Cleaning will make all the difference when cleaning exterior and interior window surfaces. It’s easy to put off cleaning the outside windows of your home. Cleaning only the interior of the window is only half the task. There’s still lots of dirt on the exterior of your windows. To maintain your home’s value, it is important to do this quarterly. But, be careful. Cleaning the exterior of the windows can be dangerous. Larsen Window Cleaning takes the risk out of window cleaning. Let us get up on our ladder and use the proper solution to clean exterior dirty windows. Doing so will improve the look of you house and keep your investment, your house, in the best possible condition.

Larsen Window cleaning has been window washing and cleaning gutters for many years. We specialize in difficult projects that include, multi story buildings, floor to ceiling windows, old delicate windows, and hard to get off water spots. Our professionals have been cleaning windows in the San Gabriel Valley for over 25 years. Call us today for a free estimate!

Larsen Window cleaning can help make your windows sparkle again! We have been serving the cities in the San Gabriel Valley for many years. Cities we clean windows in include Monrovia, Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Pasadena, Altadena, La Canada, Duarte, Bradbury, Azusa, and many more.

Summer Cleaning!

Its summer! Not to mention super hot.  While you enjoy a mint julep while reclining on your chaise, let us do all the hard work of cleaning your window sills and windows.  This arduous task is easy to put off…for a long time.  But that’s a bad idea.  Let’s be honest – it’s depressing to look out your smudgy windows.  But, keeping windows clean and in good working condition is important in maintaining property value.  But if you must be a DIY-er, here are some good cleaning tips:

Maintaining your windows and screens is easy. Follow these simple steps to clean your windows:

·         Start with water and a soft cloth. If something is difficult to get off the windows, use a mild detergent. Windex works well too.

·         Always brush screen lightly with a soft brush. Screens are flexible and can be bent easily.

·         Never use a power washer to clean residential windows.

·         Harsh chemicals, even soft scrub, are abrasive and can leave marks. Don’t use those items.

·         When cleaning swipe in one direction, horizontal or vertical. This will keep the streaks away!

Don’t have time to clean your windows? Call the professionals at Larsen Window. We’ll handle all your window cleaning needs! 626-303-3664

DIY Gutter Cleaning Dangers

It is advisable to have your gutters cleaned often. The key to knowing the frequency of cleaning your gutters depends on the age of your house and its gutters. The older type which are totally open are particularly prone to collecting leaves. If there are big deciduous trees, it’s especially important to clear out debris often. Even if the new type of gutters have been installed with the grates over them, debris and small leaves still collect.

People often forget to clean out the downspouts. That’s a big mistake as water will just back up under roof tiles. It’s a messy job, that’s for sure. Those of you in the Los Angeles area should check your gutters every four months for signs of blockages, leaks and possible overflowing. If you live in an area with high rainfall, checking your gutters may need to be more often. As you check your gutters and track the need for cleaning after a season or two it will be pretty clear to you what your gutter cleaning frequency should be

Once you know when your gutters need attention, you may opt to do it yourself, or call a professional such as Larsen Window Cleaning. When you clean your gutters yourself, do note that there are some dangers attached to it:

1. Gutter cleaning inevitably involves ladders. Make sure that your ladder is stable and well maintained when you clean your gutters. According to the United Press Institute (UPI), there are 187,000 ladder-related injuries a year in the U.S. The most common injuries are a result of ladder instability, poor ladder maintenance, contact with electrical wiring, improper clothing and/or vertigo issues. Those with 2 story homes and above should refrain from DIY gutter cleaning and gutter installation projects. Call Larsen.2. Gutter cleaning requires you to go up and down the ladder several times to complete the task of cleaning your gutter. This causes fatigue and can increase the possibility of an accident.
3. Gutter cleaning requires you to bring several items up with you as you climb the ladder – such as a scoop and bucket, hose or other cleaning materials. Balancing these items while you are up the ladder is a dangerous task and may lead to an accident if you don’t balance yourself well.
4. Some gutters, such as aluminum rain gutters, have extremely sharp edges. You may get cut with these edges and these cuts may lead to infection.

With all these dangers, it is advisable that you call a gutter cleaning professional. The pros have the training and the right tools to get the job done for you without the danger and headache a DIY gutter cleaning project may entail.

Call us at Larsen Window Cleaning and let the pros handle your window care! Give us a call at 626-303-3664 and we will give you an estimate tailored to your needs.